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Updates and Patch Notes for 5/30/19
Patch Notes for 5/30/19: [OVERALL] --RAVAGE multiplayer is out! [MAPS] -Waypointing has been fixed on most maps -The map “Tundra” is starting to flood! [GAM...
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Updates and Patch Notes for 4/11/19:
Patch Notes for 4/11/19: [OVERALL] --RAVAGE has been released! Along with a new trailer [MAPS] -The map “Castle” has been modified with a new outer area , a...
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Updates and Patch Notes for 3/28/19:
Here is the new patch notes format: I hope it will seem much more professional compared to previous patch notes. Updates and Patch Notes for 3/28/19: [MAPS] --T...
The HUD Update
* I changed the HUD to look nicer. * I added a loading screen with tips. * I added a difficulty option (That may or may not work). * I changed some stats with t...
Beta Update
The game is finally ready for release! NEW BUGFIXES: * You can now see red on your screen even when you have 75 health or below, instead of 25 * The winning scr...
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The Buy Menu Update
Guns: The BAR has had a major buff and price increase, it is now one of the guns that is optimal to have on high rounds. The Super Rocket Launcher now has 4 roc...
The Ground Zero Update
First of all, now gun stats have been changed and other elements have been changed to make the game easier. secondly, you now start out with a knife as your sec...
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