Updates and Patch Notes for 3/28/19:

Here is the new patch notes format: I hope it will seem much more professional compared to previous patch notes.

Updates and Patch Notes for 3/28/19:


--The map “Forest” has been added, which includes dynamic lighting and shows off the engine’s colored lighting capabilities.

--Some map bugs on “Castle” have been fixed, including some objects popping out of the floor or ceiling rims not being attached to any walls.

--MAP GROUPS have been added to help extend replayability, each group is a category for the maps, the First Strike Group includes newer maps which play better on Ground Zero, and the Blackout Group includes older maps which play better on Survival.


--The BAR has been removed and replaced with the ACR.

--The Glock has been removed and replaced by the Colt

--The Starting pistol is now the Silenced P250

--The Colt’s damage and price have both been increased to make it the best in the pistols group

--The P250 now does half damage but has twice the ammo and clip size

--The Double Barrel Shotgun now does increased damage, making it one of the best late-round weapons, along with the Colt, ACR, and Quad Rocket Launcher.

--Weapons no longer have a “dequip” animation where when changing weapons, an animation of you putting away your previous weapon plays.

--Changed ammo on double barrel shotgun from four bullets to two bullets, for obvious reasons.


--Mac release of NZP!

--The itch.io version of Ravage is now detectable by Discord and has been entered into its database.

--The player model has been changed to resemble the British Special Air Service.

--All weapons now have new equipping animations.

--Fixed a bug where the player was unable to aim down sights.

--Fixed a bug where the player would put the gun up to their left ear when aiming down sights with specific guns.

--Fixed a bug where the win theme would not be heard once completing a ground zero mission.

--Fixed a bug where a short music clip would play at the start of each round.

--Default graphics settings changed to further improve FPS.

--Default graphics settings changed to add semi-bump mapping;

--Default graphics settings changed for lighting improvements;

Updates/Patches in Progress:


--New Map “Isolated” set on a bridge broken on both sides, with a view of the sunset on the water.

--Remake of the map “Hangar” with a new setting and slight map changes.

--A new Map Group will be added called CLASSIC, which includes all of the maps from the original alpha release of RAVAGE, in the future, this may contain an option to toggle 2D zombie models and gun models to represent it’s source materials.


--The price of the Double Barrel Shotgun will be increased from $100 to $200

--The M1919 will be put in the EXTRA weapons category, and the PPSH Submachine gun will take its place.

--The Bouncing Betties will be replaced with a frag grenade.


--bug will be patched where difficulty settings do not apply when going into a game.

--bug will be patched where the player can enter the game without selecting a map, leading to an infinite loading screen

--Multiplayer patch fixing infinite download screen.


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