The Buy Menu Update


  • The BAR has had a major buff and price increase, it is now one of the guns that is optimal to have on high rounds.
  • The Super Rocket Launcher now has 4 rockets instead of five.
  • The sounds on the BAR, Glock, and Rocket Launcher have been changed.
  • All of the shotguns have been changed and rearranged
  • The PTRS model has been changed to preview a new weapon that will be added soon.

Buy Menu:

  • The prices on the buy menu have been modified, and the Double Barrel Shotgun has replaced the SPAS 12 in the buy menu while that model is being replaced.

New Map: Office

  • The New Map Office has been added, it takes place inside and outside of an office


  • the map Farm, yet again, has been changed, this time it has been completely changed to fit it's original Lazerblast Blackout version!


Health no longer auto regenerates, instead you must press F to replenish it, it costs forty points and can only be replenished every five seconds! So be careful!


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