Updates and Patch Notes for 5/30/19

Patch Notes for 5/30/19:


--RAVAGE multiplayer is out!


-Waypointing has been fixed on most maps

-The map “Tundra” is starting to flood!


-Weapon fire rates fixed.

-Player model has been fixed.

-Sniper sensitivity has been fixed.

-Rocket Launcher prices have been lowered

-Weapon purchasing has been temporarily reverted, now you can hold 2 pistols or 2 normal guns.


-A new server browser that lets you view all non RAVAGE games has been added.

-Engine now includes AfterQuake integration!

-New water distortion effects

-New downloads menu

-New HD texture pack

-Firing weapons creates a dynamic light source.

-A load and save game menu has been added.


ravage-anniversary.zip 493 MB
Version 1.4 May 31, 2019
ravage-anniversary.zip 493 MB
Version 1.2 May 31, 2019


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Still need to fix weapon switching