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Notice: It is recommended that you play the Steam version. As it is much more frequently updated and has Mac/Linux support, buying the game on itch.io will provide you with a Steam key that can be redeemed on that platform.

Castillo Shattered Mirrors is a first-person shooter that combines the frantic shooting of the original DOOM and the open-world exploration of games like Super Mario Sunshine.

Your supernatural investigation goes a bit too far when you come across Dracula's castle and discover his dimension-hopping plan of dimensional domination. Battle your way through different apocalyptic dimensions, fighting hordes of monsters and finding crystal shards. Collect shards to open up new areas to Dracula's castle.

Key Features:

Open-ended hub world, explore Dracula's castle and open up portals to shattered dimensions.
Fast-paced action, fight a vast array of different enemies
11 weapons, kill monsters with different unique weapons throughout your dangerous journey.
Over 60 levels, filled with action-packed combat and interesting story.
15 different worlds to explore, recover crystal shards in space stations, abandoned snow research bases, spooky forests, and more
Choose which levels to play in any order, you have the freedom to pick from multiple worlds to complete in the hub world.

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There appears to be a bug after defeating the first boss (Gran Chico). I kill him and he spawns this doll that says "This is a very long sentence that I am saying" and there's nothing I can do to make it go away and complete the level. I'm just stuck in the arena with no way forward. I press space like the message says to do but nothing happens.

I'm sorry I didn't know that this version was still purchasable. It's an outdated version of the game. Add me on Discord at JaxClayton#2765 and I can send you a key to the new Steam version.

I sent a friend request. You included the game in the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds so anyone who tries to play the game through that bundle will run into the same issue.

I submitted the request to add some more Steam keys to the itch version. You should be able to redeem soon. Thank you for letting me know.

I also purchased this game through the same bundle. Should I also send you a Discord request for the steam key?

you can yes, I wish there was a better process here